Selfie mirror booth

Discover our Ipad covers made by 3D impressions created to take to your events.

Explore our exclusive catalog of 3D printed mirror-shaped cases for iPads! Not only to protect your device, but also to transform it into a stylish accessory that will reflect your personality on every occasion. From formal events to casual parties, we’re here to make your iPad as unique as you are.

We highlight:

– Customized covers designed with precision in 3D.

– Mirrors that add a touch of elegance to your iPad.

– Variety of colors to adapt to any event.

Our covers are easy to put on and take off with a simple mechanism.

The covers are made up of two pieces, the base and the cover, which come in several types, the basic leaf cover and the light holder cover.

As if it were a classic mirror, you can hold your iPad from a very practical handle so that you can carry your iPad in a more comfortable way.

Make your iPad the center of attention and shine at every event with our mirror covers!

Stand out more than anyone else at events with our covers, compatible with any photo booth app.


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